Force a line break (PDF-only)

If the lines in a paragraph aren’t breaking quite where you’d like them, you can use character styles to adjust them. Use the HED SPAN Line break after character style to force a line to break after a specific word or character. These breaks will only appear in the PDF, and your EPUB file will still reflow and break naturally. Here’s how to insert specific line breaks:

  1. Find the word or character that you want the line to break after. This character will appear at the end of the current line, and any text following it will appear at the beginning of a new line.

  2. Select the word or character, and in the Styles pane (see “Fine-tune Word Styles” for more about the Styles pane), click to apply the HED SPAN Line break after character style.

You won’t notice a major change in your Word document, but the next time you create a PDF, you should see the lines break in the location you chose.

To remove the break: select the text again (we recommend selecting a bit of extra text before and after the styled text as well, just to be safe), and in the Styles pane, click the Normal character style to apply it.

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