Create Custom Hyphenation Patterns

A “hyphenation pattern” determines how hyphens can be inserted into a word. For example, a hyphenation pattern for the word example might look like this: “ex-am-ple”, specifying that hyphens may be inserted only between the x and a, and between the m and p. Hederis includes standard hyphenation patterns for most languages, but if you’ve got an odd word that just isn’t breaking right (for example, a name or other proper noun that doesn’t conform to your language’s normal hyphenation rules), you can add a custom hyphenation pattern for it in Hederis.

To add a custom hyphenation pattern:

  1. In the Design Preview, go to the General Design Settings.

  2. Find the setting for “Custom hyphenation patterns”.

  3. Type your word in the box. If there is already some content in the box, add a comma after it before typing your word. Type a “-” in every location in your word where you want to allow a hyphen (like the ex-am-ple above). If you need to type multiple distinct words, separate them with commas.

  4. Press Save Design, and then press Reflow Pages.

Here’s a quick video of this in action:

These custom patterns will apply to the Design Preview and to the exported PDF, but not to the EPUB—we leave EPUB hyphenation up to each eReader device.

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