Styles and the Edit Text Pane

While Hederis is not (currently) meant to be used as a full-featured text editor like Microsoft Word, there are many text-editing tasks that you’ll need to do during the book production process. Instead of having to go back to Word and upload a new Word manuscript every time you need to edit text or change a paragraph style, we created the Edit Text pane to give you a way to do focused work with the book text, without all the distractions of the Design pane. This is where you can edit paragraph text; add and delete new paragraphs, wrappers, and sections; move paragraphs around, and adjust which styles are applied to your paragraphs. Access the Edit Text pane by clicking the menu option in the top toolbar.

Text adjustments are covered in the following sections, but here’s how to adjust your styles in the Edit Text pane:

  1. To change the style of a paragraph, find the paragraph in question, and click to select it.

  2. In the top menu bar, open the “Change Type” dropdown menu.

  3. Scroll to find the style you want to apply, and click to select it.


For simple text edits like fixing a typo, you can also use Edit Mode in the Design pane.

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