Add a block image

A block image is an image that takes up its own space on the page (learn more about block vs. inline images in “Types of Images: Block and Inline”).

Add a block image in the Hederis Edit Text pane

To insert a block image in the Hederis Edit Text pane:

  1. First, upload the image to Hederis, by dragging and dropping it onto the Hederis dashboard.

  2. Then go to the Edit Text pane.

  3. Find the paragraph above which you want to insert your new paragraph, and click to select it.

  4. In the top menu, click “Insert Paragraph,” and in the list of paragraph types that appears, choose “Image holder.” Your new paragraph will be inserted in your chosen location.

  5. Click the pencil icon next to your new paragraph and type the image filename including the file extension. Make sure the name exactly matches the name of the image as it is stored in Hederis.

  6. Click Save. Your new image should now appear when you view your text in the Design preview.


You can adjust the height and width of your image with the design options in the Dimensions & Display menu. Note that for the ebook, different ereader systems handle image sizes differently; see “Image File Requirements and Best Practices: Filename, Format, Image Size” for more about this.

Add a block image in Microsoft Word

To add a block image in Word:

  1. Insert a new, blank paragraph in the location that the image should appear.

  2. Apply the style “HED Image holder” to your new paragraph. (See “Editing with Microsoft Word and Using Word Styles” for more.)

  3. In the paragraph, type the file name of the image, with no other text. It should look like this:

Once you upload the image file to Hederis (see “Upload cover and image files”), the app will know to place that image file in the location you specified by inserting your image holder paragraph.


If your image has a caption, source credit, or other extra content, there are a few extra steps. See “Images with captions, sources, or other extra content” for more.

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