About Galley And Digital Mode

When you create a project in Galley & Digital mode, you have access to almost all the same tools as the full app, with a couple of notable exceptions. Since Galley & Digital mode is intended to be used for people who are creating either galleys (print ARCs or bound galleys, or digital galleys for outlets like NetGalley), or straight-to-ebook projects, we’ve removed the “Page Layout” tools that show up in the Design pane. If you need finer control over your page and line breaks, we recommend that you upgrade your project to full Typeset mode.

Additionally, when creating PDFs in Galley & Digital mode, you’re required to include a watermark on your files. This can be either a text watermark in the running header or footer (or both), or an image watermark behind the text of each page, or both. If you don’t configure any watermark for your galley PDFs, a text watermark will automatically be inserted in the running header, using some default text. You can read more about how to configure a watermark in the section “Add a Watermark.”

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