Step-by-Step Part 3: Structure and Text Edits

In Part 2 you set up your group and your project, and uploaded your Word manuscript and images. What’s next?

  1. Learn about paragraphs, wrappers, and sections. To work best, Hederis relies on your content being well-structured. This means that every paragraph needs to be labeled with what kind of paragraph it is (body text, chapter title, extract, etc.), the start of each chapter or section needs to be labeled, and “wrappers” like extract holders, letters, notes, and so on, also need to be labeled. Hederis manages all of this via styles. You can learn about how we think about styles in our documentation here and here—it’ll help you navigate the app much more easily.

  2. Download the new .docx file from your project dashboard. You can find the .docx download button on the left side of the screen, beneath the cover image holder.

    In that same list of buttons, you’ll also see download buttons for the PDF, EPUB, and special Kindle EPUB (designed to work with the Kindle format specifically)—these are the files that you’ll share with reviewers, printers, retailers, etc. You can also download the latest HTML versions of your book text, to post excerpts on your website or use in whatever way you like.

  3. Open the file in Word and review the paragraph styles/coding and adjust as needed. (You can also do this in the Hederis Edit Text pane—see the next paragraph.) You can also send this Word file to a copyeditor or other collaborator to review and adjust the styling as part of their manuscript prep work (or invite them as collaborators in your Hederis project).


  4. Review the styles and make text edits in the Hederis Edit Text pane. In the project navigation tabs near the top of the screen, you’ll see an option to Edit Text—this is where Hederis’s more robust text editing tools live. You can edit or delete existing paragraphs, add new ones, change the style that is applied, add wrappers around your paragraphs, and more.

  5. If you’re working in MS Word, re-upload your edited Word file. Make sure you use this updated and tagged Word file from now on, and any time you make a change via the Hederis Edit Text pane, make sure you download the latest version of the Word file from your Project Dashboard, so you always have the most up to date text.

Next up: Design!

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