Welcome to Hederis!

Both Hederis:Convert and Hederis:Typeset are book layout tools created by publishing professionals, for publishing professionals. With Hederis:Convert, you can upload a Microsoft Word file, and get laid-out print and ebook files in a matter of minutes. Hederis:Typeset has all the power of Hederis:Convert, with an added design and layout interface that allows you to create beautiful, custom book designs for every project, and adjust your page layout right in the browser.

In the navigation menu, choose either the Typeset or Convert tab, and you’ll see a list of all the help topics for that app, which should also give you a sense of all the things you can do with Hederis:Convert and Hederis:Typeset. Click a topic to see all it’s sub-topics, and click it again to collapse that sub-menu.

Almost all of the options you have in Convert are also supported by Typeset, but Typeset gives you full, visual design and paging tools so you can adjust your design right in the browser.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to email us: help@hederis.com.