Create a Hanging Indent

Creating a hanging indent is easy, by using a combination of the margin and text indent properties. Instead of adding a positive number to the text indent field, which would indent the first line, you’ll add a negative number, which will pull that first line to the left of the rest of the paragraph.

  1. Select the paragraph or type of paragraph to which you want to add a hanging indent. If you only want to add it to a single paragraph, or to a subset of that type of paragraph, make sure you select the appropriate “Limit these changes to…” option.

  2. Go to the Margins & Spacing section, and add a left margin equal to the amount that you want the first line to hang.

  3. Now go to the Fonts section, and add a negative text indent equal to the same amount that you set for the left margin.

Viola! Your paragraph now has a hanging indent.

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