Add ALT text for an image

Image ALT text is an important accessibility feature for ebooks—it adds a description of the image, for readers who are vision-impaired or who otherwise might be interacting with the text in a non-visual way. You can add ALT text for your images in Hederis by using processing instructions, as follows:

  1. Find the Image holder paragraph for the image that you want to add ALT text for

  2. Insert a new “HED Processing instruction” paragraph below it (if you’re working in the Hederis Edit Text pane, see “Add a Paragraph”; if you’re working in Word, see “Editing with Microsoft Word and Using Word Styles”).

  3. In your processing instruction paragraph, type the text ATTRS=ALT:

  4. Next, type the text that you want to be added as ALT text for this image.

  5. Finally, press Save.

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