Step-by-Step Part 2: Upload

In Part 1 you set up your group and your project, now it’s time to get some content uploaded.

  1. Upload your Word manuscript to Hederis. You can upload a Word manuscript by dragging-and-dropping your .docx file from your computer onto the project dashboard window. Hederis will automatically attempt to apply some semantic styling and attach the full Hederis style set to the exported .docx file—you should review these styles and adjust them as needed to prepare your manuscript for the design process (see Step by Step Part 3 to learn more about this). You can check out our documentation about uploads to learn more.

  2. Upload your cover and images to Hederis. You can actually do this at any point during your book production cycle, but we figured we’d mention it here since we’re talking about uploading. Adding a cover for your EPUB file, and images for your book interior is as easy as dragging-and-dropping the files onto your Project Dashboard. Learn more about cover files here, and learn more about images here.

  3. Re-upload any time. You can upload a new version of your Word manuscript at any time. Some people prefer to make all of their text edits in Microsoft Word, and upload new versions of that manuscript to Hederis for design and layout. Just make sure your Word file incorporates all the styling updates made by both the Hederis app and you. (Continue on to Step by Step Part 3 to learn more about this.)

Next up: Review the paragraphs styles and learn how to edit your text.

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