Quick Start

Hederis is a professional book publishing tool for creating beautiful, high-quality books. You provide a single Microsoft Word file containing your full book text along with any images that you use in the book (and a cover file if you’ve got one), and Hederis will process it automatically into a laid-out PDF, and a fully-accessible and standards-conformant EPUB file. You’ll also get an updated Microsoft Word file and an HTML version of your book. You can reuse a single design template for all of your books, or customize the design of every book you publish through Hederis, and adjust the line breaks and page breaks on any page as needed.

In the navigation menu, you’ll see a list of all the topics in this documentation, which should also give you a sense of all the things you can do with Hederis.

First and foremost, please use Google Chrome when working in the Hederis App. We use cutting-edge web technology to make our tools work, and Chrome is the best browser for this technology. You can download Chrome here.

Set up your workspace:

Create a group so you can share fonts, design templates, and billing info

Add your billing info

Once you’ve created a new Typeset or Galley project, here are some useful links to get you up and running:

The first thing you want to do is upload a manuscript (if you just want to play around, you can use our sample manuscript)

After you’ve uploaded a manuscript for the first time:

Make sure you understand the difference between paragraphs, wrappers, and sections

Adjust the Word Styles and tagging in your updated Word file

Add any images that you want to use in the book

And of course, you’ll want to design your book:

Import a design from the built-in templates or from another book

Customize the design of your text

Set up your running headers and footers

You can ensure you have balanced pages by using our baseline grid feature

To create your PDF and EPUB files, use the Rebuild button on the project dashboard (you can also add trim marks, gray scaling, and more in the Export Settings options on your project dashboard)

You’ll need to take a few extra steps to prepare your files for distribution:

Use your standard PDF preflight process: See PDF preflight

Make sure your EPUBs are valid: See EPUB validation

And finally:

We’re always happy to meet with your team to help put together a workflow that works for you – email us at info@hederis.com.

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