Create a Named Backup

It’s often useful to save a backup of the current state of all your files in Hederis. For example, you’ve reached the end of your print production workflow, and now need to make edits to the text to prepare it for your ebook. You can creat a “snapshot,” or named backup, of your final print files, so that you can restore to it later (for example, when it’s time to create the trade paperback edition of your book). A snapshot will save the book text, the current PDF, EPUB, Kindle EPUB, and Word file, as well as the current data about your book (for example, which sections are currently locked).

To create a snapshot:

  1. Go to your project Dashboard, and click “Create a Snapshot.”

  2. In the dialog box that opens, choose a name for your snapshot (one that is different from any snapshots you’ve already created for this particular project).

  3. Then click “Create Snapshot.”

Your snapshot has now been created! To double check, go to the Settings & Invites pane for your project. You should see a section called “Restore from Snapshot,” and inside that section, a dropdown list of all the snapshots for your book. This is also where you’ll go to restore your files to any of your existing snapshots. Restoring to a snapshot is not reversible, so we generally recommend creating a new snapshot before restoring, just in case you decide you’ve made a mistake.

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