Step-by-Step Guide: Introduction

Welcome to the Hederis step-by-step guide! This guide will get you up-and-running with our professional book design tools. (Don’t want to dive in? Check out the video here!)

If you don’t have a book you’re working on but you still want to try out the app, we put together some sample files to help you get started—you can download them here. These are clean and coded files ready for you to jump in and start designing. (For non-publishing folks, “clean and coded” means that the text has been copyedited, cleaned up, and all the paragraphs have been labeled as titles, plain text, quotes, and so on.)

There are 5 basic steps you’ll go through when creating a book in Hederis, and for each step we’ve created a section of this guide

  1. Setup your group and project (go to this step)

  2. Upload your manuscript and images (go to this step)

  3. Make any structure & text edits (go to this step)

  4. Design your book interior (go to this step)

  5. Build your export files (PDF and EPUB) (go to this step)

Each step links to the previous and following steps, and links back here. Feel free to go through in order, or jump around, and come back here whenever you need to reorient yourself.

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Step-by-Step Part 1: Setup
Getting Started
Step-by-Step Guide
File Management, Uploads, and Downloads
Working with Book Text
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Groups and Billing
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