Design Templates

In Hederis, every book design is actually a design template. When you’re creating a design for a specific project, that design is saved as a template within your project, and all of your settings are stored inside that template. Projects can have as many design templates as you’d like. You could create a few different templates as you’re coming up with your design, and then pick the one you like best; or you could create separate templates for your ebook and print (Hederis will automatically translate a print design to be compatible with the ebook format, but sometimes you just need more control).

Every project is started off with a default (rather stark) design template. This first template will always be named “initial template.” In order to be able to create more templates for your project, you need to save your initial template at least once (in the Design pane, press “Save Design”).

To create more templates for your project:

  1. Go to your project Dashboard, and scroll down to the section labeled “Design.”

  2. Click the “Clone a Template From…” button.

  3. To create a new template from scratch, choose “From Elsewhere > From Defaults.”

  4. To create a new template based on the design you already created in your initial template, choose “From this Project > initial template.”

  5. To import a template from one of your other books, choose “From Elsewhere > From Another Project…”. A new window will open, listing all your projects, and all the templates you’ve created for your projects. If your project belongs to a group, then all the group projects will be listed here. Choose the one you want.

  6. Give your new template a name, and press “Cone & Select.”

You’ve not only created your new template, but this new template has automatically been selected and applied to your book. You can see which template is currently applied right there on the Dashboard, or in the Design pane, next to the Design, Page Layout, and Styles tab headers. To change which template is applied, go to your project Dashboard, and choose the template you want from the dropdown menu.


Cloning templates from other projects is a great way to reuse designs from other books, for example if you’re working on a series, or you just really love the design your created for a different book. Once you import a template, you’re essentially creating a copy of that template that you can customize as needed—those customizations will not affect the original template.

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