Step-by-Step Part 5: Build

In Part 4 you created your book interior design, including running headers and footers and the book text. Now let’s export the PDF and EPUB files (in Hederis, we call this “building” the files). In Hederis (much like InDesign), the PDF and EPUB versions of your book exist separately from the Hederis Design preview. If you want to send the laid-out book to other people (like editors or your printer), or if you want to see what the final print product will look like, you should rebuild the PDF and EPUB files.

  1. Click “Rebuild” to export new versions of the PDF and EPUB. On your Project Dashboard, you can find the Rebuild button on the left side of the screen, beneath your book cover image. To re-export the PDF and EPUB, simply click this button and the build will start. You’ll see a notification when the PDF has finished building. Depending on the size of your book, the EPUB files should finish building shortly after the PDF.

  2. Click to download the PDF, EPUB, Kindle EPUB, HTML, or DOCX files. In the same area as the Rebuild button, you should see the buttons to download any of the exported files—simply click the button to download.

Here are a couple extra notes about building:

  • When you upload a new Word file, a build will automatically be triggered to create new PDF and EPUB files.

  • You can trigger a new build (aka export) of your PDF and EPUB files at any point in the process, as many times as you like. For example, you could create a galley PDF, review passes, and your final PDF all from the same project.

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