Make Changes to a Locked Chapter

You will almost certainly find that you need to make changes to a locked chapter at some point—whether it’s fixing a typo, adjusting the way some text breaks across lines, or tweaking the design of a particular type of paragraph. Fortunately, we have a few tools to help you.

For simple text edits like fixing a typo, you can use Edit Mode in the Design pane to adjust your locked text, without needing to unlock it.

  1. Click the “Enter Edit Mode” button at the top of your screen.

  2. When you hover over a text paragraph, each line is highlighted. Click the line you want to edit to activate the text editor.

Because your text is locked, the paragraph will not reflow as you’re making edits. This means that if you add more text than will fit on the current line, that text will break to the next line, but none of the other lines will reflow to accommodate that, causing a jumble of words on top of words. If you need to make heavier text edits to a paragraph and want it to reflow, but don’t want to unlock the whole chapter, you can unlock just that specific paragraph.

  1. Select some text in the paragraph (it doesn’t matter which text).

  2. Make sure you have the Page Layout tab open, and find the “Unlock Paragraph” button. Click it!

  3. Your paragraph will be unlocked, but the rest of the chapter will stay locked. Make the edits you need.

  4. When you’re done, re-lock that paragraph by selecting some text and clicking the “Re-Lock Paragraph” button.

You can also unlock a paragraph to use all the other Page Layout tools, like tightening and loosening the text, and inserting forced line breaks and page breaks. Just remember to relock each paragraph when you’re done editing it!

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