Paragraphs, Wrappers, and Sections

There are three categories of tags that we use in your Word manuscript: paragraphs, wrappers, and sections. Paragraphs are the types of content that you’re probably most familiar with: chapter titles, plain text paragraphs, quote paragraphs, list items, and so on all fall into this category.

Wrappers are a way to group certain paragraphs together that should be set aside from the main flow of text in some way. For example, if you have multiple paragraphs in an extract, those would wrapped accordingly. Some other examples are poems, letters, epigraphs, and lists. See “Add a Wrapper” for more on this.

Sections are the main chunks of your manuscript - you probably use words like chapters, parts, appendixes, prefaces, etc., to describe the sections in your book. At Hederis, we have special styles to mark your section breaks - see “Add a Section” to learn more.